• Video by: P. s. Mukherjee
  • Captured on: 9th March 2019
  • Place: Kolkata; West Bengal
  • Camera: Nikon D5600



 Megabats constitute the family Pteropodidae of the order Chiroptera. They are also called fruit bats, Old World fruit bats, or, especially the genera Acerodon and Pteropus, flying foxes. Megabats are found in tropical and subtropical areas of Eurasia, Africa, and Oceania.
  Fruit bats are large, fruit eating bats that live in warm climates. They are sometimes called flying foxes because their furry faces look like foxes, but that is where the likeness ends. There are different kinds of fruit bats, and some of the biggest fruit bats' wings are about six feet across, tip to tip.

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